Always maintain an eternal perspective….,,

Colosians 3:2
Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.


Maintaining an eternal perspective and value system that is based on setting our hearts on things above, is the biggest reward that any believer can ever give to our Lord Jesus.
Upright training of the youth will most certainly require that we challenge them to interogate every single thing they engage in by asking, ”how does this help my eternity?”

This can only yield a heavenly focused generation of young people who do not store up for themselves treasures on earth where moths and rust destroy , and thieves break in and steal { Mathew 6:19~22 }

The countedness that this kind of upward focus generates will normally cause the youth to know that they belong to God and cannot loose , no matter what their earthly situation may look like.

At this place , the love for Christ is sufficient. Further, the novel peace that overtakes such youth will come from the knowledge that whether they live r die, they will win at the wnd.

Although this truth is allowed to animate in the hearts of our godly young people , it is imperative that they understand the implication of preserving their faith in order to continuosly make spiritual gains, even here on earth.

For our thoughts , attitudes and actions to be more and more Christ alike, it is important that we as believers be sensitive to serving the poor in the society.

The youth Church must highly encouraged to tend the elderly ,widows and even the sick in hospitals.

Helping the destitutes and the disadvantaged in our communities is not something the youth should do just as a gesture of goodwill , but as a matter of life and death, for their own good that they may enter the kingdom of God. { Mathew 25:31~46}.

Our young people must be given the opportunity of serving in the worship and prayer teams within the church, as this can only draw them closer to God.

When Israel was in the wilderness, the Lord maintained the Cloud of His Glory in order to give them a sense of direction as to where they were headed to .As the cloud moved , so did the Isralites. This means that they had to stay alert watching each day for God’s guidance.

It’s an act that was essential for the people to trust God on a daily basis rathet than their own earthly strength.

This object lesson on obedience should actually be the description of our day to day lives as Christians.

Only this level of obedience enabled Israel to access the Promised Land.

And if we can utilise this lasting example of maintaining an eternal perspective and value system by setting the hearts of our youth, on things above, then a historic Holy Ghost revival will visit. The Holy Ghost who is delegated with reviving today’s church thrives on obedience.

Such impeccable obedience enabled Israel to access the extraneous source of strength from the Lord.

Todays, Christian youth too can be able to reach the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit for overcoming the world.

But this will come about, only and only , when they demonstrate the level of obedience that Israel presented in the wilderness .

Building such a new life involves entering unchattered teritory where the focus is on God’s daily unfailing help.

The motivation here is to completely disconnect from dependence on man but on God alone.


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